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Need assistance traveling to train or acquire a service dog?

We're here to help with transportation.

If you or your family need assistance getting transportation to train with or acquire a service animal or to medical treatment, we can help. We provide assistance in the air with commercial airline tickets and volunteer pilots; and on the ground with gas cards, bus and train tickets. See below for details on each service we provide.  

Commercial Airline Tickets

We require:

A minimum of 21 days’ notice before your travel date to consider flight assistance.

Income verification which includes total household income and assets for everyone living in the household. Forms of verification include current year complete income tax return and current award letters from Disability and SSI (if applicable). Be sure to black out all social security numbers on your documents.

The patient must:

Be able to sit on their own once they are in the seat.

Require little or no medical attention.

Be able to transfer out of their wheelchair into their seat on the aircraft with little or no assistance (they cannot have someone literally pick them up and sit them in the seat).

If the patient requires oxygen, some airlines may provide it during the flight. Otherwise, the patient must have a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) approved by the FAA or the airlines. Commercial airlines require no less than 48 hours advance notice to prepare for the equipment needed. The patient is responsible for making these arrangements and paying any travel fees associated with the oxygen.

An income-based, non-refundable airline ticket processing fee will be determined upon verification of all required income documentation. 

Ground Transportation

Patients are provided with gas cards, or commercial bus or Amtrak tickets to medical-related treatment. These trips are to reach medical care more than 50 miles away. 

Volunteer Pilot Transportation

Volunteer pilots generously donate their time and planes to transport veterans to life-saving medical care or to train and acquire a service animal. 

Patients (with or without escort) must be ambulatory and require no medical monitoring or care during the flight. Serving residents of Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kentucky, North Carolina, Delaware, Michigan, Ohio and Washington, DC.